“The servants of the Lord of Mercy are those who walk gently upon the earth…” (Quran 25:63)

As stewards and inhabitants of this earth, we have a responsibility towards it, its animals and people.We take this stewardship seriously.

NYURE goes above and beyond the standard of "eco friendly" or "green beauty". We use the term Sustainable beauty.  To us, this means thinking long term and includes the entire process of our product development. We strive to take into account these aspects when formulating and distributing new products:

• ethical sourcing of natural raw materials
• packaging (biodegradable, recyclable, & re-usable)
• biodegradability of the finished product

• Production (energy, water consumption, waste management)

NYURE ensures the use of ethically sourced raw materials, strives to lower its carbon footprint and uses renewable and alternative energy sources, is cruelty-free, and its packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable and/or reusable.

 We are reminded in all of the religious texts, the Quran, Bible and Torah, of our responsibility as humans to protect the earth and not waste its resources. So let's own up to our responsibility and lead the sustainable beauty movement.

“You shall not pollute the land in which you live, ..." (Numbers 35:33)

“…waste not by excess, for Allah loves not the wasters (Quran 7:31)