Arooj Chishty founded Nyure in 2017 to fill a gap she found in the market for herself and her teenage daughter. After becoming a holistic health coach in 2016 she actually began focusing on her own holistic health, and wanted to include all the "remedies" and homemade skincare products her mother had made for her growing up, and those she saw being used by her cousins and her friends from other cultures. These ingredients and their targeted uses had been around for thousands of years, surely there was benefit in them. Also, as Arooj focused on holistic health, the natural expansion of it led to include all aspects of her life, not only food. She began to look at all the toxic and unnecessary ingredients that were filling her own cabinets and realized she needed to go clean. What started from food and diet, led her to look at all the items she was using in her daily life, from home cleaning products, to candles, to tea, and of course, her skincare and makeup.

In 2017 Arooj began making some simple products at home, like scrubs, soaps, lip balms and cleansers. She used healing ingredients from Prophetic traditions and started to research ingredients from all over the world that were proven through scientific research. As her daughter was becoming a teenager and beginning to see the skin problems that come with hormonal changes at that age, she wanted to provide clean and all natural skincare for her daughter. She began working with a natural cosmetic chemist to formulate products that included these healing ingredients from all over the globe. Nyure was born as a result.


Arooj wanted to make sure she followed her own guidelines and views she practiced everyday. The ingredients not only had to be organic and of the purest form, but all packaging had to be recyclable, and she wanted to help as many people as she could along the way. Many ingredients are produced and sourced from around the world, so she found women's cooperatives to work with and fair trade tea farms. She also hired local women in need here in the US to help with filling and packaging the products.

Arooj not only hopes to fill a gap in the beauty industry, but to create a revolution amongst people of all ages and backgrounds to use non-toxic products while protecting the earth, and help as many people in need along the way as she can.

Arooj graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park in 2000 with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Statistics and Decisions & Information Technology. She worked for General Electric for 10 years and taught middle school math for 2 , before becoming a full-time mom, volunteer, and entrepreneur. She is mom to 3 children, ages 13, 10 and 5 and has been married for 18 years.